Our Mandate is Success,
Our Focus is Computer Literacy

Training for basic computer literacy, and all major software

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Training That Fits

No two people learn exactly alike; therefore, training should be fluid and adjustable, and trainers should be flexible. While the core content may remain the same, the method of delivery and emphasis should change according to the audience.

Let us know your needs, and we will develop a course to fill those needs.

Training should be about transferring skills, not just knowledge.  The end result of training should be the ability to perform a task, not the ability to recite facts. In software training, the majority of learners never understand what they are supposed to do with the knowledge they have been presented, and therefore never assimilate the knowledge.

We focus on software as a tool, and train learners to be effective, efficient, and confident.  We fit the training to the student, and focus on skill transfer.

Contact us to discuss your training needs.