This is the key element of all our courses.  We consult with your organization and the students to determine the desired skill set, then determine the existing skill set and devise a course to transfer those skills to the students.  This helps ensure that students gain the maximum benefit from every training session, and that they are able to utilize the skills they are taught.

Contact us to design a course to suit your needs.


All classes are delivered at your location, using either our portable computer lab or your existing computer lab.  Our portable lab requires enough chairs and workstations (a conference table is acceptable) for the students and instructor, three electrical outlets, and enough room to set up at least one 36” x 48” whiteboard and easel.  A blank wall for projecting images would be best, and Internet access is preferred, but not required


Targeted Training

Training is targeted to specific skills or needs, rather than a generic set of skills.  As every student is different, so is every training requirement. While focusing on core skills in each program taught, we modify the class to focus on what the students will need to succeed.