Pencils 2 Pixels - Training Simplified

Pencils 2 Pixels provides training that is friendly and fun.  Our mandate is to make you, the computer user, comfortable with doing what you want.  


Each course is customized for the students.  The goals for the class are set (point “B”), then the students are surveyed and evaluated to discover what the starting point is for skills (point “A”) .  Then, the class is designed to take the students from point “A” to point “B”.

Because every student is unique, and learns differently, we customize learning for everyone.  There is a place in our classes for every skill level.  We strive to provide learning tools that encourage you to learn.  Our multimedia learning approach provides something for everyone.  


Our Mobile Lab makes learning easier, and accessible to everyone.  Since we maintain all the equipment, we know that everything is working properly.  This way everyone learns the same thing, without computer problems to make it harder.  All we require is a room large enough for the class, a table and chairs, and electricity for the computers and other equipment.

Robert Goss (Th.M, PID) is a life long learner who has been involved in adult education for over 30 years, and has been working with computers since 1982.  

While in high school, the administration created Advanced Placement classes to assist in his learning. During these classes, he also tutored other students to success.  Then, throughout his College years, he tutored other students, assisting them in developing individual plans to increase their learning retention.  He also developed  and taught educational programs that are still in use today; he was also involved in supportive programs to increase life success.

After earning his Master’s degree, he spent several years teaching bus drivers how to safely operate city transit buses in Seattle. In addition, he taught computer skills, sales, and customer service to individuals and groups.  Since returning to Kamloops in 1993, he has continued to teach computer subjects, as well as tutor in literacy and numeracy. He also spent four years teaching technical skills and customer service at Convergys.

In 2010, he completed the Provincial Instructor Diploma program, as well as earning the Train the Trainer Certificate.  This program honed his natural teaching skills, and helped him to develop new methods of reaching students.  

He uses various instructional methods, adapting his teaching to different learning styles.   His personal philosophy of teaching ensures that the student gains confidence, rather than just knowledge.   Among the areas Robert has mastered are: