What Technologies can we use?

Sound recording – language elements, stories, traditional  instruction.

Photography, still and video –  utilizing cost-effective digital  means.

Internet – repositories of information, email, social networking, chatting and net meetings.

Computer – typing in the language, Recording sound and video on the computer, transcribing sound

files to text, preparing educational materials.
Why Computers are important

To type history and stories for future generation, in Secwēmpctsin and English.

Using voice technology to dictate to the computer.  For now, in English.

Using Internet technology to enhance language – having the children use their language in email, chat, and Facebook.

Connecting elders in different communities through email, live chat, video conferencing.
Elders are the Key

They provide guidance and wisdom.

They provide stability and a link to the past.

They are the guardians of language and culture.


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